About the founder

The education from the first steps is one of the most important milestones in the life of a child. By education I imply the way the child learns to perceive the world.  It is extremely crucial who and what surrounds a child. The kindness, understanding, love and attention – these are magic bricks that lay the firm foundation for the individuality of a happy, creative and self-confident person. On the ability how to turn educational process into an exciting life-time adventure depends if child loves to discover the information, read books in the future, if the person is creative, bold and motivated enough to step out of  his or her comfort zone, ignore stereotypes of the society and make a difference in the world.

Being a diplomat in my previous career, I had a great chance to travel a lot around the world, meet extraordinary people and compare various cultures and traditions. Having graduated the Kyiv National Taras Shcevchenko University with a foreign languages degree in 1997, I had also studied at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy (1997),  L’Institut d’Administartion public in Paris (1998), Geneva Center for the Security Policy (2000), had been posted to the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington DC in 2000.

My life has changed when I gave birth to my daughter Martha and son Taras. The decision to devote my full-time to raising kids introduced a new meaning into my life.  Kids brought back to me the forgotten feeling of the value to live in the moment…They taught me that sometimes there is no sense to be in a hurry, they reminded me that dancing in the rain, jumping in the puddles and staring at the stars is a greatest fun of all.

While my husband Taras served his consular service in San-Francisco and Washington DC from 2008 to 2012, we spent with kids a great time discovering the playgrounds, local libraries, bookstores, children museums and kids clubs. At that time I realized what we will tremendously miss upon our returning to Ukraine – open-mindness, joy, fun from learning process in the early childhood programs. I will always remember our first Story time visit to a San-Francisco Public Library when the librarian Sean unexpectedly took out a guitar and the show with nursery rhymes, dances and puppet-theater took the kids’ breath away…

In April 2013 with a small team of young and devoted  professionals, the PLAYROOM KIDS CLUB opened its doors in Kyiv to promote learning in English through the play, movement, art and discoveries. We are so proud that the incredible, inventive and creative day-by-day work of our teachers from Ukraine, United States of America, France, Switzerland and the support of parents who believe in what we do, turned PLAYROOM into the place of joyful education with many kids from different countries of the world.

Olesya Bozhko,

Founder of Playroom Kids Club

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