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Have you ever thought of a kids friendly place where kids could study, play, move and create for hours and never get bored. And all of it mostly in English?

Various activities taught in English by native speakers as well as by Ukrainian teachers who have a good command of English. Our teachers are very passionate about kids. Your child will be immersed in the English speaking environment through the fun learning, games, music and art activities.

PlayRoom is a cozy place with a spacious GYM, an Art space, an English classroom and a Kids Library. With us you will find a balance between structured learning and exploratory play for your kids. Engaged in various creative and fun activities, kids learn through play.
Our priority is CREATIVITY…Creativity is how children approach the world in order to learn about it and to learn about themselves. Each activity in our place aimed at stimulating the child’s creative thinking.

We create a warm environment for English speaking kids as well as for kids with English as a second language. The interaction between the kids with different cultural backgrounds enriches their understanding about the world around them.

In our educational approach we use the elements of the RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM APPROACH. Successful child is a happy child. We make sure there is always a dialogue between teacher and student, they are connected. Children need to succeed – their key to success is not being afraid to make mistakes. When they make a mistake it is a chance for them to learn.

In the United States of America Responsive classroom approach has been implemented in many elementary educational facilities and is proved to be extremely effective. It is a researched backed approach that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills and leads to more high-quality education http://www.responsiveclassroom.org/research.

Responsive classroom approach http://www.responsiveclassroom.org is not a separate curriculum, it is approach to teaching that helps kids to expend their learning and social skills, helps students stay on tasks, helps teachers to have well managed, well organized classroom.

  • Morning meetings
  • Proactive approach to discipline
  • Positive teacher language
  • Giving students choices in their learning.

The day begins with morning meeting it is a time to reset connect with other classmates and calibrate for the day ahead.

  • Within the classroom approach environment kids know they matter
  • Well developed social skills and good academic results
  • When kids feel very well grounded socially – they are more confident in themselves and bring better academic results
  • Teacher elevates the teaching of social skills up to an equal footing with academic instructions
  • Integrating social skills with academic skills in a way that makes learning most productive

  • Self control
  • Responsibility
  • To be productive
  • Productive members of the society

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