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IMG_0015-minEnglish online for children

Playroom Kids Club offers group English lessons with 4-6 years old kids.
How we work:
Kids can attend online lessons in mini groups (starting from 3 and up to 6 students)
Mini group lesson’s duration: 30-35 minutes each
Kids can attend individual online lessons
Individual lesson’s duration: 30-35 minutes each

Our team of professional teachers designed age relevant online English curriculum that will allow every child to learn English in dynamic and playful ways. Series of everyday lessons will teach children basic vocabulary, grammar and develop their speaking skills. We learn the language through engaging vocabulary games, rhymes, songs and finger plays. Our teachers dip every student into English speaking environment during the lesson. We never translate because we know how to show and explain the words and phrases we need to learn and implement into communication. Communicative approach is our main method to teach kids English!

What will you achieve throughout our online course:
– build wide range of vocabulary onto age relevant up to date topics
– develop speaking skills
– learn A-Z alphabet letters and sounds
– learn basic grammar structures and start using them confidently into every day speech
– begin to read in English
– learn math and logics concepts in English (shapes, size, numbers and calculation)

Our methods:
We know what the “homeschooling” is and how challenging it can be for both parents and kids. Our program is aimed to learn English into fast and playful atmosphere. Our teachers use many rhymes and songs to enrich or student’s vocabulary and such games as “Simon Says!” is beloved by all the children of our online school as we can learn new words and even complete sentences through the movement, using our mimic and gestures. It’s always so much fun!

We teach kids to read and write letters and words in rice or buckwheat. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You just have to join us and your child will dive into exiting English learning process.

To make our lessons more effective and give the chance to revise at home, we provide each our students with English Learning Page. It’s a set of based on our everyday classes tasks in order all our students could revise and learn offline. Rhymes texts, game scenarios and easy –peasy theme or letter crafts are included into the set. It will be really helpful for parents when they need to get their kids busy at home.

Program for English on-line course for Children

Lesson description Schedule
 English Time. Learning Alphabet – kids learn A-Z alphabet letters and sounds, boost their vocabulary (a new topic is learnt every week), develop speaking skills through vocabulary games, songs and rhymes. Learning how to read and write in English is a “must” part of the lesson. Two lessons per week (35 minutes each)
 English Time. Learning Vocabulary- the lesson is totally based on vocabulary baggage building and strengthening. Every week students learn a new and interesting topic. Teachers model phrases and sentences and encourage kids to repeat, use the vocabulary in their speech while playing communicative games 1 lesson per week ( 35 minutes)
English Time. Clever Kids- the lesson math and logics in English. Students learn shapes, size of objects, directions, number lines. Develop the ability to calculate, compare different items by size, height and other characteristics, develop their visual memory, ability to build logical connections and motor skills. 1 lesson per week ( 35 minutes)
English Time. Let’s Revise!- each Friday we revise! The whole lesson is based onto vocabulary of the week and English alphabet revision. Teachers make students brush up on everything that have been learnt during the week. 1 lesson per week ( 35 minutes)
Wiggle Time- the lesson is performed by our professional dance teacher and helps every kid to stay fit and do physical exercises day by day which is so important now. Students will  improve their  balance, gain flexibility and become more confident in their physical abilities. 3 lessons per week ( 15 minutes each)
Picasso Studio- online art classes for kids can be so much fun! We definitely know it! Kids will learn about colors, art styles and techniques. All the participants are free to create something new and unique.We avoid routines when it comes to art! 2 lessons per week ( 35 minutes each)
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