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Kids choir in English

Kids choir in English - Playroom

Age: 4Y – 6Y, 7Y and up The choir lessons are held in English by a professional singer, soloist Daria Yefremenko. Those families who visit our “Jazz for kids” event, have a chance to meet with Daria and listen to her voice. She adores working with kids and convinced if kids are introduced to music without bans and restrictions, they will enjoy it for the rest of their lives. For her, music is freedom and harmony. The lessons cover beginners vocal training. Kids learn how to use voice in a healthy way, exploring the range of sounds. The repertoire includes such timeless classics as ‘Blue bird, blue bird through my window’, ‘Catch a falling star’, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, ‘Yellow submarine’, ‘Here comes Suzi snowflake’, ’Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow’ and more.

Sunday Program


Age: All ages The program includes: Snacks, tea-party Various art-classes (origami, bids, coloring cups and wood, collages and more) Cooking classes Photo-studio Fun science projects and experiments Games Free play outdoors if the weather allows. You can either drop-off your kids for 4 hours at once (UAH 250) or in the time convenient for you by hours (UAH 70 per hour). The second child is 50%OFF. All ages are welcome. We make sure little ones get special attention and enough care. All our teachers speak English.

Universe of art for kids

Universe of art for kids

Age: 5Y – 7Y, 8Y – 11Y

Saturday series of classes “Universe of art for kids”

Every Saturday together with kids our class “Universe of art for kids” continues exciting journey into the world of art. The class aimed at developing imagination and creativity in kids. During our work-shops we observe, discuss and create. With the help of projector, our art historian and artist herself, demonstrates the masterpieces of the worlds’ renowned artists. She makes brief and “very kids-friendly” introduction of a certain piece of art or artistic trends. Kids express their views, boost their imagination, together with the teacher they discuss and give a try to reproduce their own exquisite versions.

Language: Ukrainian with the translation if needed

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English Club I Weekend

Age: 6Y – 7Y

Little Chefs


Age: 3Y and up Whilst wearing a kid-sized apron and chef hat, your kids guided by our creative Chef will mix a dough, cut shaped-cookies or pizza and then bake them.



Age: 3Y – 5Y It is an introduction to classical and other types of dance. Many ballet routines are created from fairy tales that children know. Children also learn poise and grace, balance and how to move their bodies. Children will learn the value of focus and how to work in a particular space. Our classes are designed to encourage kids to love and participate in dance and ballet rather than to force kids into learning.

English Club Tots weekend

Friday Night

Playroom Friday Nights

Age: All ages Every Friday night from 6 to 9p.m. there is a drop-off fun themed program. We dance, we dress up, we play games, have quizzes, of course do art and cooking. We as well have pajama parties, pirate/princess/fairy parties. Follow our Friday programs on our website and on Facebook.

Exploring Music


Age: 3Y – 5Y

Little Actors & Young Actors

Playroom Little Actors

Age: 5Y – 7Y, 8Y – 11Y Mostly every child at some point was dreaming of becoming a star on the stage. Dare to dream, dare to perform, dare to turn your imagination into reality. Our teachers, professional actors from the real stage – teach kids how to master actors skills, how to be confident, articulate and creative.

English Club Juniors

Playroom English Club III

AGE: 10Y and up Many kids as they turn teen agers or close to that age, are deprived of social communication and spend so much time next to their favourite gadgets. We are happy to have kids of 12 and up for a once a week ENGLISH TEEN CLUB, where they will practice their English, boost their communication skills, create common and individual fun projects, will have discussions and debates on different topics and much more.

Fitness Zumba Kids & Juniors

Playroom Zumba Kids

Fitness Zumba kids 4Y -6Y Fitness Zumba Juniors 7Y – 11Y Zumba Kids® is a fun healthy program for children at the age group of 4-12. It’s an explosion of music, dance and energy! The goal of Zumba Kids® is to develop healthy lifestyle, and to incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives, not just a class they attend once a week. Zumba Kids® develops coordination, balance, discipline, memory and creativity. It also considers other facts of child’s development, such as, learning leadership, respect, team work, pride, confidence and responsibility.

Art Studio

Art Studio in Playroom

Music time with Veronica

Music Time with Veronica in Playroom

Art for little tots


Age: All ages Creativity is a gift that every child is born with. It is how they express the way that they are feeling and how they share themselves with the world around them. Creativity is how kids play and how kids work. Very often art gets messy and that is not always something grown up like. In our class, kids are encouraged to be expressive and creative in a space especially designed for art. Even the walls of our art room can be painted and repainted! This class is an open, unstructured environment that will allow your kids to explore at their own pace and get familiar with various trends in art.

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