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French at ABC Academy

Dear Parents, Starting in September on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have been having French classes. Our program is adapted to kids, so it contains basic vocabulary and notions. It also follows the seasons and the various events of the year. Our goal is to learn French while having fun! During the class we do different activities aimed at introducing kids the French language, thus the structure of the class is as following: Good morning and presentation game Story telling time Educational game Coloring a recipe Cooking class Creative handicraft Snack from cooking class Singing / rhyme time Physical games and activities    Good bye time. From the beginning of September until mid-October, through various educational games, the kids were learning how to use basic courtesy words such as: “bonjour, je m’appelle” “s’il-vous plait” et “merci” « bon appétit » « au revoir » They learned the colors: Red = rouge Yellow = jaune Green = vert Blue = bleu Orange = orange Brown = marron Black = noir White  = blanc We learned different animals: Snail = escargot Hedgehog = hérisson Frog = grenouille Dog = chien Cat = chat Gorilla = gorille And different fruits: Apple = Pomme Banana = banane Pea = poire Grapes = raisin Orange = orange During our cooking classes, kids learn how to cut, mix, and they learn the names of
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