Music Time with Veronica in Playroom

Music time with Veronica


Art for little tots

Age: All ages Creativity is a gift that every child is born with. It is how they express the way that they are feeling and how they share themselves with the world around them. Creativity is how kids play and how kids work. Very often art gets messy and that is not always something grown up like. In our class, kids are encouraged to be expressive and creative in a space especially designed for art. Even the walls of our art room can be painted and repainted! This class is an open, unstructured environment that will allow your kids to explore at their own pace and get familiar with various trends in art.

Playroom English Club I

English Club/Kids I, English Club/Kids II

English Club Kids I: 6Y – 7Y English Club Kids II: 8Y – 9Y The program gives kids an engaging environment  to learn and to communicate continuously in English. Our classes are such that kids are active participants in the learning process — they experiment and create in English, they complete small projects, they present material to their peers, they actively discuss topics. English Club covers a variety of themes and topics including:  World around us, Story time with Art, Eco Green, English in motion, Little writers, Science studio. In the learning process kids build a new vocabulary, learn grammar in a fun way, and gain a new knowledge according to their age interests. The topics we choose to discuss and to work on, will be as well suggested by kids to boost their self-confidence and creativity and get them actively involved in the club.

ABC Academy

ABC Academy

Age: 2Y-4Y, 5Y- 6Y Full English immersion program, facilitated by caring and well-trained professionals who love working with kids while encouraging their independence and creativity. Our program focuses on small-group learning so kids can learn age-appropriate concepts in keeping with their developmental level.


Learn With Me

Age: 18M – 3Y Circle time, singing, dancing, instrument play, and movement – time for caregivers and kids to connect and learn together. We are extending our program to add time for family art and science projects, games and educational fun – all centered on building basic language and learning skills. Together with Veronica and our newer teacher, Anca, we will explore together the world that surrounds us through play and all in English.

Learn With Me

ABC Academy




Music Time

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