Summer Camp in Kyiv


10 reasons to choose Playroom Summer Camp:

  • English-speaking teachers,
  • The opportunity to practice English with native speakers,
  • Lessons with a teacher from the USA every day (minimum 8 hours per week)
  • Convenient location in the center of the green zone
  • Interesting program
  • Many interesting projects and workshops,
  • A large number of competitions and quests
  • Healthy and tasty food, 5 times a day
  • Exciting excursions,
  • Lots of fun and positive emotions!

7384c0d8-8b06-477d-a110-3082325ddc1cThe camp is located in Playroom Kids Club (Chekhovskiy lane,3) in a quiet place, close to a cozy park. Kids will enjoy their time in a big gym, library with American and British children’s books, two rooms for classes, and a patio that create a pleasant atmosphere and encourage kids to discover something new every day. Lessons and workshops are held not only inside, but also in the fresh air! Communication in the camp is mostly in English, but every day the children also have classes with native speaker, American teacher Christina Kristian.

7384c0d8-8b06-477d-a110-3082325ddc1c The classes are held in a fun format, focusing mostly on speech. After each lesson children receive the materials from the class and can show parents what they have studied and, if desired, repeat what they have learned at home. Classes are held using games, songs, and implementation of various projects.

Age groups – a group of children aged 4-6 years and a group of children aged 7-8 years. In each group –up to 10 children.



We provide children with food five times per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.) We ensure that the children’s’ meals are balanced, healthy, and tasty. For breakfast kids eat cheese cakes, pancakes, milk porridge, cereal with milk, eggs, etc. Daily lunch menu consists of first course (various soups, borsch), side dishes, meat or fish, and seasonal salad or fresh vegetables. We also include in our menu national dishes of different countries (for example cook pasta, pizza, cheesecake, etc.). While eating little students learn the traditions and culture of different peoples. For snacks children eat fresh seasonal fruits and berries, biscuits or homemade cookies, yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit.

7384c0d8-8b06-477d-a110-3082325ddc1cQuests & Free Play

During free play the children rest in the fresh air, play with toys, draw, or communicate with each other.

We also pay attention to physical development of children; we make sure that kids have a sufficient number of active games and fitness exercises. Therefore, each day is filled with quests, interesting competitions, and games (for example, pirate quest “Treasure Island”, etc.).


A large variety of workshops are held in the camp, including art, pottery art, acting, photography, painting on the water, cooking, and others!

Every day is filled with something new!



7384c0d8-8b06-477d-a110-3082325ddc1cNew topic every week!

Each week the children will be able to feel themselves in various roles – to travel in the jungle or desert, swim in the ocean and meet its inhabitants or feel like a superhero! We chose these weekly topics that are not only fun for children, but also informative. Most of the sessions, master classes, competitions and songs are chosen according to a weekly theme that give children the opportunity to plunge into it and consolidate the material that was learned.

7384c0d8-8b06-477d-a110-3082325ddc1cExcursions and trips

We go with kids to the Zoo, Planetarium, Mamaev settlement, Water Museum, Puppet Theatre, Zoological Museum, Ivan Honchar Museum, Eksperementanium, etc. Excursions will be paid extra.

Nap Time

Children who have a nap during the day, sleep at this time, but if the child is awake during the day – she/he can read a book in our library or watch a movie in English.


Children’s safety is one of the most important priorities for us. At camp teachers and educators will take care of kids. All of our team members have attended trainings on first aid.

Camp shifts

Day camp will run from July, 2 to August ,3 daily from Monday to Friday from 9.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. We have weekly themed shifts so children can attend camp for several weeks, a month or the whole summer.


Dates of shifts Shift topics Price
2.07.18 – 6.07.18 USA like never before 3500 UAH
9.07.18 – 13.07.18 Brazil – home of amazing moments 3500 UAH
16.07.18 – 20.07.18 Australia- live it to believe it 3500 UAH
23.07.18 – 27.07.18 Jump into Spain 3500 UAH
30.07.18 – 3.08.18 Come and find Germany in you 3500 UAH

Documents needed to register a child:

To register your child in camp you should fill in our Enrollment form and provide the following documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Medical health certificate

Summer Camp Playroom outside Kyiv

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