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English Club Kids I 6Y-7Y 

logoThe program gives kids an engaging environment  to learn and to communicate continuously in English. Our classes are such that kids are active participants in the learning process — they experiment and create in English, they complete small projects, they present material to their peers, they actively discuss topics. English Club covers a variety of themes and topics including:  World around us, Story time with Art, Eco Green, English in motion, Little writers, Science studio. In the learning process kids build a new vocabulary, learn grammar in a fun way, and gain a new knowledge according to their age interests. The topics we choose to discuss and to work on, will be as well suggested by kids to boost their self-confidence and creativity and get them actively involved in the club.

English Club Weekend

logoEvery Saturday we have a 2-hours club “English Club Weekend” for children aged 4 to 6 years ( 10.00 -12.00 ). In English Club we learn English through exciting creative projects for children, taking part in interactive situations, performances and presentations. Our ingenious and resourceful teachers from the U.S. have fun, do experiments and create crafts together with children. In the classes children learn to communicate and understand English. We use interactive learning by creating a natural environment for children to be active participants in their learning.

How do we conduct English Club Weekend? Each class is dedicated to a specific topic that is interesting and useful for the overall development of the child of this age. The first segment – Academic – we gain vocabulary knowledge, learn to speak and express views freely. Second – practical. Here we make art projects, prepare cookies,make presentations and science experiments . Many topics are related to rescuing the environment, alternative energy, healthy lifestyle. More topics introduce the study of natural phenomena, history, and cultures of the world.

French Club for Kids 6-8 Y.O.

logoFrench traditions are well-known all over the world. Here, at Playroom, French is taught by the teachers from France. The classes are conducting in interesting and informative atmosphere – kids learn traditional children’s songs and rhymes, play national games and take part in competitions, cook real French pastries and, of course, eat their croissants with a cup of cocoa. Starting with simple things gradually they will dive into the world of French!

 Individual Classes

logoYou prefer individual form of studing?

We offer English and French Tutorial Services with native speakers.









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