English Weekend Club «World Around»
For groups 3-4, 5-6.


The program offers intensive English course via learning country study information: culture, traditions, lifestyle, fun facts, innovations of different countries of the world.

The speaking language is English only (except for ceramics).

The Program aims to:

  • Improve and expand the kids’ vocabulary
  • (Overcome the language barrier and) Learn to express kids’ thoughts and feelings.
  • Be able to speak English in different situations. (Build conversational skills).
  • Expand knowledge about the world around, develop logics, critical and creative thinking.

Kids will be able to:

  • Find out what are the tastiest meals in Italy and make pizza,
  • Draw like Picasso and see the world through the eyes of the artist,
  • Dance wild dances and learn how aborigines live,
  • organize performance in the handmade puppet theater,
  • Build the well-known Australian Opera House in 3D,
  • Construct Formula 1 sport car and learn the names of its parts,
  • Create a dress for Disney Princess and arrange a fashion show,
  • Make Piñata together and have fun breaking it.

The situations on various topics are modeled: at the airport, getting acquainted with new friends, shopping at the supermarket, discussing sea and ski holidays, visiting the museum, asking for the route to the exhibition, ordering food at the restaurant.

  • You can choose separate classes, part-time program or full-time program.
  • The meals are provided.

Snack: Fresh fruit/cookies, fruit drink.

Lunch: Soup, pizza, fruit drink.

  • Venue: Tarasivska, 38.
  • Start of the Program: February 2, 2019.

English Weekend Club «World Around»

Cost of classes:

List of Classes Cost for 1 Class Cost of 1 Class(10 Classes membership) Total Cost for10 Classes(Membership)**
English Language Arts 200 UAH. 200 UAH. 150 UAH. 1500 UAH.
Cooking Workshop “Small Chefs” 200 UAH. 200 UAH150 UAH. 1500 UAH.
English Art Studio 200 UAH. 200 UAH150 UAH. 1500 UAH.
Quest&Adventures 200 UAH. 200 UAH150 UAH. 1500 UAH.
Dance Class 200 UAH. 200 UAH150 UAH. 1500 UAH.
Kids&Clay* 200 UAH. 200 UAH150 UAH. 1500 UAH.
Movie Time 100 UAH. 100 UAH75 UAH. 750 UAH.

Cost of the programs:

Cost of 1 day Cost for 1 Class(5 days Membership) Total cost for 5 days** Cost for 1 Class(10 days Membership) Total cost for 10 days**
Part-time Program10.00-14.00 800 UAH550 UAH. 800 UAH450 UAH. 4000 UAH2250 UAH. 800 UAH400 UAH. 8000 UAH4000 UAH.
Программа полного дня10.00-18.00 1100 UAH800 UAH. 1100 UAH700 UAH. 5500 UAH3500 UAH. 1100 UAH600 UAH. 11000 UAH6000 UAH.

* The class Kids & Clay is not included to the program, the class will be conducted separately.

** Membership program starts from the moment of payment. 2 Saturdays can be transferred for the next month in case the kids miss the classes or it can be compensated with other classes during the week.

Materials for the classes and meals are included.

We provide 10% discount for the second child!

Schedule of the Classes:

Time Group 3-4 Group 5-6
10.00-10.45 Cooking Workshop “Little Chefs” Quest&Adventures
10.45-10.55 Free Play Free Play
10.55-11.40 English Language Arts Dance Class
11.40-11.50 Snack Snack
11.50-12.35 Quest&Adventures Cooking Workshop “Little Chefs”
12.35-12.45 Free Play Free Play
12.45-13.30 Dance Class English Language Arts
13.30-14.00 Lunch Lunch
14.00-14.30 Free play Free play
14.30-15.50 Movie Time Movie Time
15.50-16.00 Snack Snack
16.00-17.00 English Art Studio Free Play
17.00-18.00 Free Play English Art Studio

Information about the EnglishWeekendClub «World Around»


English Language Arts – learning English class, where the kids will significantly enlarge active vocabulary on various topics, improve speaking skills, develop fine motor skills and basic writing. Activities and materials are age-appropriate. The class includes logic tasks and small creative project.

Cooking WorkshopsCooking WorkshopLittle Chefs is one of child`s favorites! It enables to learn the world, experiment, create, and enjoy ones`s own cooking masterpiece. Cooking Workshop encourages the child to be independent, develops interest in cooking, forms delicate taste and healthy eating habits.
English Art StudioEnglish Art Studio Learn English by Drawing. The kids learn new words, immediately depict them on paper, discuss the process of creation in English. Different art techniques are used, children embody their imagination and fantasy on paper or learn to depict real life images, broaden the visual perception of the world, learn to see the shades of colors. The drawings can be complemented with glitters, stickers, ecological materials, so they look modern and stylish, moreover working with different materials develops tactile sensation and fine motor skills.
Dance ClassDance Class. A sense of rhythm and movement gives kids the opportunity to express themselves, to feel the bodies in space. Children study the basics of choreography and modern dance, exercise stretching, muscles strengthening, balance, coordination. Elements of the national dance of the country studied during the month are also learnt.
Quest&AdventuresQuest&Adventures – learning of country-study information in the form of cognitive and logical tasks, competitions, research, games and creative projects. Classes contribute to enlargement of vocabulary, improvement of speaking skills, development of logical thinking, attention and memory, communication and ability to work in a team.
Kids&Clay-1Kids & Clay. Working with clay brings a sense of comfort, strengthens sensation, improves brain activity, develops fine motor skills. The child appears in the world of fantasy, creativity and magic. Spatial thinking, artistic taste, and creativity are developed. The kids learn the skills of working with clay, start understand artistic and physical concepts, such as texture, plasticity, volume, learn to work with color.
Movie Time – time when Playroom turns into the cinema, children take their seats and watch their favorite movie or cartoon in English. (the schedule can be provided by the administrator upon the request).

EnglishWeekendClub «World Around» Program February-May 2019


Month: February,

Country: Finland.

The kids learn why the sun shines at night in Finland, how does the polar light look like, why do the Finnish people walk with ski poles in summer, and is it true that you can see the deers on the streets and the rabbits in the cities. The visits to the Santa Claus office and the Mumi troll country are planned.The program also includes cooking and tasting traditional Finnish dishes.

What is more – in order to feel the real Finnish spirit, kids dance national rhythms, participate in weird competitions like playing the imaginary guitar or boot throwing, play traditional games like “Mirror”, Ketiu (“Chain”), the Torch Pot, modern version “Angry Birds” game.

Month: March,

Country: Australia.

Learn Australia with favorite kangaroo, koala, platypus. Why do these animals live only on the Australian continent, why was the kangaroo chosen as national symbol, why children in Australia do not watch the Peppa Pig cartoons, which winter shoes were created by Australians and why do they wear them at home, the fingerprints of which animal are identical with fingerprints of a person.

Children master the special drawing technique of Australian Aborigines, look for snow in the desert, get acquainted with the world of the Great Barrier Reef, become “the last heroes” in the competition “How to survive in the desert”. The month full of adventures!

Month: April,

Country: China.

In China, children are immersed in the world of dragons, kung fu masters and emperors. The kids discover the secrets of “Forbidden City”, Great Chinese wall and Terracotta Army.

On the map the kids find places of interest and make travel routes. Children learn what are the characteristics of Chinese homes, who are the main member of the family, why do Chinese produce mosquitoes at the factories, are they really eating candies made of meat and sweet sausage, how many symbols are in the Chinese alphabet, and try the art of Chinese calligraphy.

Month: May,

Country: Italy.

Italy is not only rich in history, art, landscapes, food but also it is a dangerous country – it has the most active volcano in the world. At the classes the kids travel around the ruins of buildings from ancient Greece and Rome, learn the way how pizza and cheese were traditionally cooked, and why these types of cooking are now forbidden. And of course we cook the most delicious pizza! At the virtual restaurant we learn the names of the dishes and order lunch. The kids make gondola for the tour in Venice and participate in a Venetian carnival.

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