Elementary School


The trust of parents who brought their children to the kindergarten Playroom since its establishment, as well as the desire of children to come back were the best motive for Playroom to further development. Our children have grown up. Therefore, in the 2016-2017 school year, we opened the first grade of Playroom Elementary School for children aged 6 years.

logo There so many private schools. Why us?

Our school focuses on exemplary private school in England. The academic content of the program at English-speaking Elementary School of Playroom is a creative mix of Ukrainian and American standards in primary schools. We adhere to the requirements of the national curriculum, as defined by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. At the same time Playroom Elementary School is guided by Common Core Standards. What it is? This system is a part of the US educational standards, which define the objectives of the educational process, and the amount of knowledge that the student must have in each class. This is not a detailed job scheduling. Common Core defines the quality and quantity of knowledge of the student, but not limited to teachers in the forms and methods of the educational process. The system of clear standards developed by teachers and parents at USA provides a level of knowledge required for students to be successful in higher education, in the career and life in general.

Cozy English classrooms, attention to the needs of each student, professional and experienced teachers – all this ensures high efficiency of the educational process at Playroom Elementary School.


At what language the disciplines are taught?

The language of communication between children and teachers Playroom Elementary School is English. State curriculum is taught in Ukrainian. At the request of parents, children learn French.

What do children learn?


Mathematics and logic are necessary to develop a scientific way of thinking and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships in the environment.


Reading course helps children explore the world as well as the discipline of “The World Around Us” and “Cultural studies”. They help students to learn about the culture and history of different nations, nature events and processes.



Children may express themselves at various art studios. Topics classes are never the same amd in such way different skills are developed.

Gymnastics & Choreography

Gymnastics and choreography help to keep children physically active. Classes are provided every day, and each exercise is aimed at stimulating the work of different muscles.

Who are the teachers?

Playroom Elementary School has a team of native speakers. Teachers from the US create an English learning environment. Thanks to the efforts of French teachers, children learn about the culture of France. At the same time, the studding program in foreign languages ​​systematically linked to Ukrainian-language program, which is defined by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Therefore, we also have Ukrainian professional teacher in our team.


How many children in the classroom?

In Playroom Elementary School, the number of children in the class is optimal for effective communications and training  and is up to 10 kids.

Daily schedule

Playroom Elementary School is a full-time educational institution, which is open from 8:30 till 19:00. The first lesson begins at 9:15. The schedule provides a walk in the fresh air and time for homework.


During the day students are provided with 5 meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are offered children daily at Playroom Elementary School.

Playroom Elementary School is located:
Kyiv, st. Boulevard-Kudryavskaya, 45 (the former st. Vorovsky)
Mob. (067) 758 12 12

Koncha-Zaspa, Kozin, Kiev region, st. Kyivska, 170, 31 km Staroobukhivska Road
Tel. (044) 594 60 60, Mob.  (095) 574 19 19


Address Monthly rates Time
Kyiv, st. Boulevard-Kudryavskaya, 45 (the former st. Vorovsky) 16 000 UAH 8:30-19:00
Koncha-Zaspa, Kozin, Kiev region, st. Kyivska, 170, 31 km Staroobukhivska Road 20 000 UAH 8:30-19:00


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