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Located among the pine forest on a beautiful lawn, an English-speaking educational place for kids – Playroom kids club. Playroom kids club is a spacious and bright building that includes a large open space with play zones and cozy cafeteria, where kids have meals, different workshops, birthday parties and various events. Two bedrooms are situated on the second floor with access to the garden, where everything is made from eco-friendly materials. There are also four separate rooms for classes. And the most favorite place for children and adults – a cozy library.


Various classes and activities are taught by teachers from the USA, UK, and France. Classes are also taught by Ukrainian specialists who use modern European and American approaches. There is also a large modern playground with swings, roundabouts, and sports complex for training at our backyard.

Every day at the Playroom we have half-day and full-day childhood development programs, (preschool) “Playroom Academy”. It is a preschool program, facilitated by caring and well-trained professionals who love working with kids while encouraging their independence and creativity. Our program focuses on small-group learning so kids can learn age-appropriate concepts in keeping with their developmental level.

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In addition to “Playroom Academy,” Playroom kids club in Kozyn offers the following classes:

Also we offer interesting workshops, performances and parties for kids!

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