организация детского дня рождения в Киеве

Parties and Birthdays Services at Playroom Kids Club

Services Playroom Kyiv Playroom Kozyn
Actors (animators) + entertainment program (you can choose the theme from the following) 2,000 UAH/hour (up to 10 kids) 

2,500 UAH/hour (more then 10 kids)

2,500UAH/hour (up to 10 kids) 

3,000 UAH/hour (more then 10 kids)

The organization of Birthday Party out of Playroom (transportation costs are paid by Customer additionally) 2,000UAH/hour (up to 10 kids) 

2,500 UAH/hour (more then 10 kids)

2,500UAH/hour (up to 10 kids) 

3,000 UAH/hour (more then 10 kids)

Individual program (scenario) creating +500 UAH +500 UAH
Workshop (quilling, cooking, Art Project Eco Green, collage making, Contemporary Art, decoupage, vytynanka making, Easter eggs painting) 1,000 UAH/hour (up to 10 kids) 

1,300 UAH/hour (more then 10 kids)

1,500 UAH/hour (up to 10 kids) 

1,800 UAH/hour (more then 10 kids)

piñatas  (traditional toy made ​​of papier-mache filled with sweets, candies, and the game itself – the process of toy breaking) depends on toy size depends on toy size
Invitation cards (handmade) 30 UAH/card 30 UAH/card
Rent of Playroom premises for kids’ event without animators 1500 UAH/hour

Payment order:

70 % of payment  should be done before the party. 30% – on the day of party conduction. Usualy we offer parents to meet our actors personally and talk about the details and suggestions according to the party before the holiday.


We can make invitation cards!



You want to give your friends nice invitation cards but have no time to make them? We can do it! Present your friends with original hand made cards.

On your request we can make unique and creative Hand-made postcards, work out the design and text. The price for 1 card with invitation and envelope – UAH 30  (for 1 card)






We offer the following party scenarios :

Princess and Knight


Who does not dream about becoming a princess, sitting in the lock and waiting for the knight?  Every boy also wants to feel like a knight-hero for a moment ! Our Princess and Knight will come to your party!

The program includes:

-interesting history

-initiation of girls and boys into the Knights

-try yourselves at archery

-duel with swords and shields

-active games and competitions

-fishing (fish for holiday dinner)

-exploring of the secret passage

– fun with parachute

At the end all the kids get the knight symbolic awards and birthday kid gets a fabulous crown ! Kingdom is saved. Princess and Knight return to the fairy tale !

Pirates Party



Forward to adventure! Sea, ships, maps, treasure …  Pirates will take your children on a journey to a mysterious island!

The program includes:

– Pirate Ship making

-finding a treasure map

-active games and contests

-mutiny on the ship (rush balls)

-parachute fun -finding the treasure

At the end we choose the birthday kid as the pirate captain and give him the rod and the pirate captain’s whistle.

Cars Party


The famous cartoon, one of the most favourite among the boys. Speed, activity, competition!

Why do not arrange your own race? During the program, participants will get special points – “tachkobaly.”

The program includes:

– participants get their numbers

-warm-up (funny dance in a circle)

-Competitions with the balls and hoops


-race of small machines

– fishing

-jumping in bags

-musical game “dress yourself”

-Parachute games

Awarding the birthday kid with a CUP!

Pajama Party


Your child wants to get into the fairy country, in which there is no any need  to go to bed on time. In a country where all wear pajamas, dance, play , rush the pillows, sing and, of course, never go to bed? Choose a pajama party!


 At the party we will have :

-Exclusive pajamas fashion show on a color podium (everyone feels themselves like a model)
-pillow fight ” can win a dream ”
-pillow steeplechase
-game ” What is unnecessary ”
-jumping in bags
-interesting quiz “Do not sleep ”
-dances in pajamas
-game ” I do not see”
-musical fun with ” dressing like a model ”
– Parachute fun
-presenting of certificates in the form of pajamas

Space Party



Your kid loves to look at the moon and stars? You have a little astronaut or astrologer?

The program “Space birthday” will  transfer you into an unusual atmosphere with an alien and astronaut . We will finish “Astronauts trainings” and get certificates!

The program is as following:

-introduction and giving the “space-oath”
-speed and friendliness test
-game “Guess the Planet”
-building of spaceship
-dance- “Flying to Mars”
-tournament of space Archers
– game ” Planet in orbit ” (playing with  balls)
-fun with balloons
-ceremony of becoming the astronauts


“Cinderella invites to the ball” (6-9Y)

0b1d019fd50a3fef12a82c997ba98a2cEvery princess dreams to visit a ball. Amazing music, lavish dress, dancing, a lot of fun … oh! And a magic wand that godmother left for Cinderella! One wave and every wish comes true!!

The program includes:

1.  Acquaintance with Cinderella

2. Funny nuts for all guests

3.  Fabulous transformations and puppet show

4.  Music flowers, balloon of wishes

5. The creative class in calligraphy and origami

6. Fireworks with butterflies

7. Mini-Quest “In the footsteps of shoes”

8. “Magic of colors” and “School of good manners”

9.  A lot of fun and good mood!!


«Welcome to the Winx Club!” ( 3-9Y)

winx-enchantix-the-winx-club-30825307-1772-1265Do you want to know the secrets of magic and do some miracles? Excellent, you are in the right place! Welcome to the ‘Winx Club, where you will get some knowledge about the mysterious world and will gladly arrange an unforgettable magic party. And, as you know, all the adventures  cannot do without vigorous dances,  hyper emotions and the most incredible magical delights!

The program includes:

1. MINI Body Art

2. Space travel across mysterious planets, creation of your own planet

3. “Mysteries of the Winx Club” + test “Who are you in the Winx?”

4. Making the magic elixir of strength, intelligence and beauty

5. Search for crazy Dragonfly

6. Lessons of kindness and friendship for underground Troll

7. Funny Mini – quest ” Lily Petals ”

8. The creative class “Amulets of happiness”

9.  Focuses, surprises and lots of smiles!!


Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (4 – 10Y)

 pippi_longstocking_by_funandcake-d5f4t72Who is not acquainted with red freckled girl in colorful stockings and funny hat? So let’s get acquainted with a Pippi, who loves to travel. Today she came on her pony to your Birthday party!Pippi, who is a dreamer and inventor, offers all of you to take part in exciting adventure and search for gold coins.

The program includes:

1. An exciting trip around the world in search for the Chocolate country

2.  One hundred and one ways to have fun and three tricks for all life occasions

3. “Field of Dreams” and “A collage of smiles”

4. Endless jokes and absurd stories

5. Talent Competition

6. Joyful Relay and fun dressing

7. Tablets from boredom and the key to the  Chocolate country

8. Lots of sweets and gold coins from Pippi’s bag.


“Olympic Games” (6-12Y)

Olympic-Flag-with-RingsA lot of energy and positive! Unexpected tests of strength, skills and agility for brave and friendly participants! Bright show with strongmen and intellectuals! Incredible dance marathon and competitive contests! And the most important – a super mood for birthday boy/girl and his/her friends!

The program includes:

1. Division into teams. The team with the most original name will get the first grade!

2. Special Olympic exercises

3. Creation of slogans and sports greeting of the opposite team

4. “Funny Starts” and adventure quest

5. Jumping through a huge rope, pillow fight

6. Holiday medals and awards


“Spider-Man” ( 5-12Y)

free_download_spiderman_wallpaper_in_hight_resolution Why do super-heroes exist? In order to protect the planet and fight with evil! The most popular among them is Spider-Man. He flew on the Web to your birthday party in order to tell you his secret and teach you super tricks! Exciting games and competitions, many complex and intricate tests are waiting for you!

The program includes:

1. “School of super heroes” and dedication to Spiders

2.  Face-art from Spiderman

3. Battle with cockroaches

4. Hunting for Monsters

5. Secret activities and tasks

6. Mini-Quest “Hidden Treasure”

7. Operation “Cover Your Footprints”

8. Workshop “Spider-agent”

9. Presenting the Diploma of a SUPER HERO

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