Zumba (fitness for parents)

Want to be in a fabulous shape this summer? Start early getting ready for the season!

Zumba Fitness is what you need!

Zumba® is so much fun, yet it provides such a great total-body workout and helps you to be in a great shape at the same time!

With this fun Latin-inspired dance fitness program that combines dance moves with classic aerobic and fitness you will burn calories, tone and sculpt your body with a smile.

You don’t need to know any dance moves to take part. In fact, as long as you’re moving and enjoying yourself there’s no wrong way to Zumba.

Take time for yourself – dance, be stylish, fit, have fun with Zumba fitness and stay caring mothers at the same time !

Get up and exercise, it is so easy with Zumba® fitness!


Sign up for classes at info@playroom.co.ua or by phones 044 482 18 07044 482 18 17

Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18.30-19.30

Wednesdays at 09.00

Price: 8 classes – 640 UAH.

P.S. Babysitting service is working during  Zumba class for parentsю.



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